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Lima 1976


Self-taught photographer with studies in advertising and filmaking, graduated from the Instituto Peruano de Publicidad – IPP (Peruvian Institute of Advertising) in 1996. For the last 20 years he has been devoted to photography, whereas portrait is the photographic gender where he performs best.

From the beginning of his career, the daily life and the relationship between the human behavior and the environment have been the main interests on his work. Evidence of this are his series "Luz de las entrañas" (“Light from within”) 2007 – 2008; and “La gran comedia de la vida” ("The Great Comedy of Life"), 2010-2014.

His work has been exhibited at several festivals and institutions in countless places such as France, Italy, Croatia, Poland, USA, India, Spain, Argentina, among others.

Awards and honours:

"Lens  Culture  Critic´s  Choice  2020",  with the series "Lo (ir)Real" (The (un)Real"), Amsterdam  2020

Second place at the “European Union Contest” in Peru, with the photowork “Mis padres” ("My parents") from the series "Lo (ir)real" (“The (un)Real”), Lima – 2020

“Luces Award” for "Cerros de Lima" (“Lima Hills”) as the best photographic exhibition in 2019, Diario El Comercio de Lima, Lima – 2020

Bronze Lion for advertising photography Cannes Lyons Festival, France – 2015

Finalist of the "IV National Salon of Photography ICPNA", Lima - 2014

First prize of the "Latin American Photography Award 2012", portrait category, Buenos Aires – 2012

Finalist of the “III ICPNA National Photography Salon”, Lima – 2012

Second prize “Repsol - Lima Photo 2011”, Lima – 2011

First prize “Hasselblad Masters Award - Portrait Category”, Sweden – 2008

First prize "Images of Population" - United Nations Population Fund UNFPA, Lima -2004

Jiménez lives and works in Lima. He is represented in Peru by the gallery Espacio Fotográfico Carlos Caamaño.

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